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Julho - Setembro 2017
Vol. 52. Num. 3.
Pages 217-356

RAUSP - Mangement Journal is a quarterly publication organized by the Business department of the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil). It is a generalist, academic journal covering all fields of management including: Entrepreneurship; Education, Strategy and Business Economics; Governance Studies; Finance and Accounting; Environmental Management; Public Management; Technology Management; Marketing; Quality and Productivity; Human Resources and Organizations; and Information Technology.

It is ranked among the best Brazilian journals in Business and Management (Qualis-Capes Brazil). RAUSP is dedicated to the dissemination of research and ideas that add value to the work of scholars and practitioners in the field of Management, a mission it has been fulfilling for more than 30 years. It publishes articles selected on the basis of originality, quality and creativity.

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Vol. 52. Num. 3. July - September 2017 Pages 217-356
This is the last issue available in English language
Flavio Hourneaux Junior
Revista de Administração 2017;52:217-8
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Human Resources and Organizations
Cultural intelligence, cross-cultural adaptation and expatriate performance: a study with expatriates living in Brazil
Inácia Maria Nunes, Bruno Felix, Lorene Alexandre Prates
Revista de Administração 2017;52:219-32
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What is the social gain from competency management? The employees’ perception at a Brazilian public university
Guilherme Busch Rocha, Claudia Souza Passador, Gilberto Tadeu Shinyashiki
Revista de Administração 2017;52:233-45
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Shopping the way to my goals: an analysis of purchase impact on perceived goal progress
Manuela Albornoz Gonçalves, Walter Nique, Dilney Albornoz Gonçalves
Revista de Administração 2017;52:246-55
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Information Technology
A study on the impact of non-operational mechanisms on the effectiveness of public information technology governance
Leonel Cerqueira Santos, Carlos Denner dos Santos
Revista de Administração 2017;52:256-67
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Finance and Accounting
Intellectual capital in mergers and acquisitions: a case study in a world-class financial institution
Ricardo Vinícius Dias Jordão, Victor Luiz Teixeira Melo, Frederico Cesar Mafra Pereira, Rodrigo Baroni de Carvalho
Revista de Administração 2017;52:268-84
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Education, Research and Academic Production
Financial education level of high school students and its economic reflections
Tarcísio Pedro da Silva, Cristian Baú Dal Magro, Marcello Christiano Gorla, Wilson Toshiro Nakamura
Revista de Administração 2017;52:285-303
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Strategy and Business Economics
Another driver of the Brazilian fuel ethanol supply chain: the consumers’ preferences
Giuliana Isabella, Abraham Sin Oih Yu, Adriano Maniçoba da Silva, Ana Lucia Pegetti
Revista de Administração 2017;52:304-16
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On the relationship between antitrust and strategy: taking steps and thinking ahead
Guilherme Fowler de Avila Monteiro
Revista de Administração 2017;52:317-29
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Entrepreneurial orientation and religion: the Pastor as an entrepreneur
Victor Silva Corrêa, Gláucia Maria Vasconcellos Vale, Marina de Almeida Cruz
Revista de Administração 2017;52:330-40
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Are similar ones different? Determinant characteristics of management tool usage within companies sharing the same institutional environment
Franciele do Prado Daciê, Márcia Maria dos Santos Bortolocci Espejo, Fernando Antonio Prado Gimenez, Reinaldo Rodrigues Camacho
Revista de Administração 2017;52:341-52
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Democratic governance and the firm
Anna Grandori
Revista de Administração 2017;52:353-6
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