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RAUSP Management Journal | Ethics in Publishing

  • RAUSP Management Journal strives for the highest ethical standard in its evaluation process, not admitting cases of misconduct, either by Editorial Staff or Authors.
  • All Authors, Editors and Reviewers are encouraged to study and follow the guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics - COPE ( at all stages of the process.
  • All suspected misconduct that comes to light will be investigated by the Editor-in-Chief under the highest standard of accuracy, until its clarification. On the other hand, corrections, clarifications, retractions and notes of concern will be published where appropriate.
  • When submitting articles for review, the authors should always:
    • Observe the criteria of attribution of authorship with the inclusion solely of those researchers involved in the research and not including as co-authors names that have not participated in the study;
    • Quote and reference correctly all data and interpretations of data from other publications;
    • Report any potential conflicts of interest of all authors;
    • Report all sources of funding;
    • Submit for publication only original articles, ensuring that all data are truthful and authentic, and have not been submitted to any other publication;
    • Give retractions or corrections of errors, when prompted by the publisher.
  • Reviewers, when receiving an invitation to review an article, must commit themselves to:
    • Decline the invitation if they have any potential conflicts of interest;
    • Perform the review themselves, with the best possible accuracy;
    • Accept invitations only when they are able to perform the review within the stipulated period;
    • Report on relevant articles published and that were not mentioned;
    • Maintain strict confidentiality about the articles reviewed, do not discuss them with colleagues, or use information to their own benefit until the publication of the article.
  • The Editors should always:
  • Strive to ensure peer reviews as impartial as possible;
  • Ensure the anonymity of reviewers;
  • Assess and investigate all suspected or confirmed cases of misconduct and/or breach of ethics;
  • Do not allow that financial interests may compromise the ethical standards of the publication;
  • Make sure that no plagiarism and misleading data are permitted.
  • Please see our information pages on Ethics in publishing and Ethical guidelines for journal publication.