Revista de Administração Revista de Administração
Flavio Hourneaux, Maria Sylvia Macchione Saes
Revista de Administração 2017;52:357-8
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Special Invited PaperSocial Responsibility
What motivates money donation? A study on external motivators
Nivea Coelho Degasperi, Emerson Wagner Mainardes
Revista de Administração 2017;52:363-73
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Corporate GovernanceHuman Resources and Organizations
Resistance and organized counter-resistance in conflict areas: an ethnography with Embraer's workers
Marco Antonio Gonsales de Oliveira, Arnaldo José França Mazzei Nogueira
Revista de Administração 2017;52:392-402
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Finance and Accounting
Volatility persistence and inventory effect in grain futures markets: evidence from a recursive model
Rodrigo Lanna Franco da Silveira, Leandro dos Santos Maciel, Fabio L. Mattos, Rosangela Ballini
Revista de Administração 2017;52:403-18
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Consumer behavior of electronic games’ players: a study on the intentions to play and to pay
Lucas Lopes Ferreira de Souza, Ana Augusta Ferreira de Freitas
Revista de Administração 2017;52:419-30
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Understanding consumer's responses to negative emotions related to crowding on satisfaction and impulse purchase in retail: the mediating role of coping
Marlette Cassia Oliveira Ferreira, Marcelo Moll Brandão, Flavio Santino Bizarrias
Revista de Administração 2017;52:431-42
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Strategy and Business Economics
Strategic contractual relationships in the automotive sector
Cleiciele Albuquerque Augusto, José Paulo de Souza, Silvio Antônio Ferraz Cário
Revista de Administração 2017;52:443-55
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Organizational tolerance in agro-industrial systems: an empirical application for the meat sector
Silvia Morales de Queiroz Caleman, Decio Zylbersztajn, Matheus Wemerson Gomes Pereira, Gustavo Magalhães de Oliveira
Revista de Administração 2017;52:456-66
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Investigating the deal making failure in M&A: deal makers’ perspective in Brazil
Augusto Cesar Silva Sales, Marco Tulio Fundão Zanini
Revista de Administração 2017;52:467-78
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Technology Management
The use of dynamic capabilities to boost innovation in a Brazilian Chemical Company
Cristiane Froehlich, Claudia Cristina Bitencourt, Marilia Bonzanini Bossle
Revista de Administração 2017;52:479-91
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Informal contracting between and within firms
Ricard Gil, Giorgio Zanarone
Revista de Administração 2017;52:492-6
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