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Research impact – what is it, after all? Editorial impact series part 1

Nothing in science has any value to society if it is not communicated, and scientists are beginning
to learn their social obligations.
Anne Roe (American psychologist 1904 – 1991), The Making of a Scientist (1953), p. 17.
The impact of research on society or societal impact, has been widely discussed at an
international level, not only because of its undeniable importance to justify the resources
invested in research but also because of its inclusion in the assessments of research
institutions to obtain financing. For a long time, the research impact assessment had taken
into account only the scientific impact, that is, in essence, the relevance of the published
research to other subsequent research. The relevance of the research, in this case, is
measured mainly through citations obtained in other academic publications, especially
scientific journals, which gave rise to the impact indicators of journals that we currently use
(e.g. JCR, SJR, Index H, etc.).

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